Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And here...we...go...

Well, the move-in is complete. I am officially living in Los Angeles and residing in the second largest apartment complex in the country, Park La Brea (next to the famous La Brea tar pits - as seen in Futurama). Life here is...different. Not really how I pictured it. I'm not saying its bad because it's not. I love it! I'm excited to be here. I've met my roommates (Jordan, Carlos, Josh, and Kyle) and they seem like really cool guys even if they can't compare to the likes of Brock and that other guy I live with back home. I've met my instructors (John, Patrick, Nathan, Rebecca, Jeremy, and Chris). They are all industry professionals who know what they are talking about in the world of film. And lastly, I've explored the facilities, which are great (I'll post pictures in the future).

On Monday, we had our first day of “classes.” This really just equaled orientation, talking about rules, and playing those awkward “get to know each other games.” It was still a fun day despite the not so hot start to the day. I've already learned that Monday is trash day here at PLB. I've also learned that garbage trucks in the area clock in at 195 dB.

So I woke up a little earlier than anticipated. No big deal. I figured I would just hop in the shower and get properly woken up. Turns out our apartments are environmentally friendly. So, instead of traditional shower heads PLB has opted to use old recycled fire hoses.

Of course, that's not true. Using The Shower of Power, gives you the illusion of death. You won't actually die while bathing. It accomplishes this illusion through two methods. The first of course is its redic power washer type water pressure that is used to train UFC fighters and ward off those pesky civil rights activists. The second method is to generate so much steam that the shower will actually trip the breaker, turning off the light in the bathroom. This causes the shower taker (e.g., me) to assume the worst: death.

With my nerve endings freshly destroyed, I made my way to the school which is about a fifteen minute walk away. I have no problem with this because I enjoy walking. I'm actually planning on walking to Hollywood Blvd. sometime soon. (It's about 3-4 miles away.)

Later in the day we had a couple of guest speakers, a married couple who have been working in Hollywood for quite some time. They were there to talk to us about being a Christian in Hollywood. They offered up a lot of good advice on how to adjust to the culture of the tribe that is Hollywood. But I found a few things that didn't quite sit well with me. It's hard to articulate why I disagree (I'll need to think about it a little longer). The advice I have issue with is treating “Christian” as if it is a dirty word because it carries a negative connotation around these parts. They prefer to describe themselves as “Christ Followers.” I understand that you don't want to alienate someone right off the bat by immediately filling their head with “right-winger, homophobic, Republican” (their words) but I don't see why we should abandoned our label just because it's been “hijacked” by a group who's “ideology” doesn't completely reflect a “Christ-like attitude” (I'm not saying that conservative Republicans aren't Christ-like; I am one.....but let's not get into that) Don't actions speak louder than words? Are we incapable of calling ourselves Christians and then showing that we love everyone? Letting others see Christ's light through us? Is labeling yourself as a “Christ Follower” taking the easier route? I don't know. Those are just a few things on my mind. Also, you would think calling yourself a “Christ Follower” in order to avoid alienation would be an insult the the non-believers intelligence, thus, alienating them. I'm sure if you tell someone that you are a “Christ Follower,” that person will make this connection in less than .5 seconds: CHRISTian: a person who is a believer in Jesus CHRIST and his teachings = Christ Follower....

Overall, I'm glad we talked about it. It got me thinking about things even though in the end I don't agree with what they do.

Interesting anecdote: I was walking back to the apartments with a few of my roommates after our last class of the day. When I saw a short woman walking ahead of us dressed in all black. I didn't pay much attention to her until we caught up to her and I started to pass her. I turned to say something to one of my fellow students when I caught this woman giving me the evil eye while muttering something under her breath. Less than 15 seconds later, a crow dropped a deuce on the top of my head. A crow! A deuce! My head!

Logical conclusion: She was a witch.

I know this posts seems super whiney but I'm really having a great time. There just wasn't a whole lot to talk about. But there will be once the semester gets into full swing.


A montage of travel footage that sounds like I'm headed off to Mount Doom instead of L.A. It's stupid. Enjoy.


  1. haha...oh russ only you would find a witch in hollywood haha

  2. Your blog is going to keep me entertained all semester lol. Always filled with anticipation for the next episode of the life that is Russ Clark.